Company Structure

Omniapiega S.r.l.

On the market since 1958, we are leaders in the sector thanks to continuous innovations, the acquisition and transformation of new machineries, the highly trained and qualified staff and the constant search for new types of processing for the transformation of every kind of fabric, natural leather, and synthetic, finished garments and much more. Our company is divided into two main sectors:

La nostra azienda si suddivide in due settori principali:

The “FINISHED FABRIC” Sales Division

This division deals with the sale of processed fabric. We have more than one hundred fabric bases at our disposal, each of which is designed and perfected on purpose, from the composition of the fibers to the finishing of the fabric; in order to guarantee the best possible quality regarding both the yield and the endurance of the Plissè and our other special processes. Each one is characterized by a color chart specially selected for the current season, or, as needed, dyed following the needs and requests of our customers. Furthermore, thanks to the intense and continuous effort of our research and development department, we can boast a high number of new products for each season, both in terms of the fabric bases used and the technologies and designs used for processing the products, always trying to be as current as possible and in line with the market demands.


This division deals with the transformation of fabrics, panels, or finished garments owned by the customer, taking charge of the customer’s materials and advising, thanks to the experience gained over the years, the best ways to use and make the most of the materials in question. The very high number of workings in the archive and the infinite number of possible combinations make the article development process an extremely flexible, creative and constructive experience.

We actively cooperate with most of the largest and well-known brands, both national and international, of high fashion, both in the clothing and in the accessories sectors, for which we create models and carry out unique, sophisticated and tailor-made processes according to everyone’s needs, necessities and preferences. Thanks to our experience and great production capacity, over the years we have studied, realized and perfected more than 3000 types of processing, all present and viewable in our archive.